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About IMP

Industrial medical packaging is custom converter (printing, laminating, slitting, pouch making) of all multilayer laminates.
We can design and manufacture just about any flexible packaging product to your exact requirements.
For 10 years, IMP have specialized in pouch making, rewinding, slitting, laminating, sheeting and recovery work, amongst other specialist packaging work. We are well-known within the packaging industry for being able to quickly turn-around emergency jobs. Some of our clients have included glaxo smith Kline, servier, sigma, menapharm. We can either provide material or convert the customer's own. We also hold stock of many different types and sizes of pouches, but we specialize in making a specific bag for you, in terms of size, material and features. These features could include print, grippers and tear notches, to name a few.
Our in-house chemist has been with us for over 10 years and has vast experience in advising the correct material to use with your product, in terms of chemical properties. Basically speaking, we don't want your product reacting and eating through the wall of a bag!
This is just a small list of services that we provide. For more information on our services and products, feel free to browse the website or email us with your queries.



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